Restaurant hours:
12pm to 9pm daily


Delivery hours:
5:30pm to 9pm daily


Chips & Salsa


A platter of lime salted tortilla chips served with beet hummus, roast tomato salsa and guacamole. Great to share!



12″ flour tortilla, refried beans, Oaxaca and mozza cheese & fajita veggies. Served with sour cream and salsa of your choice. 
Add Chicken, pork or beef · 5 



Sm 15/Lg 22

Lime salted corn chips, corn and black bean salsa, pickled jalapeños, roasted red peppers and Oaxaca and mozza cheese. Topped with garlic parsley cream and sides of sour cream & roasted tomato salsa.


Summer Salad


Local organic greens, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, pickled onion, toasted sunflower seeds.
Choice of creamy garlic dressing or maple balsamic 
Add Shrimp · 6 | Add Chicken · 5




Handmade pastries stuffed with Oaxaca cheese and sambal.




Enchiladas and wet burritos will be back in the fall. In the meantime get an enchilada sauce add-on for $3, and try a burrito dip.


Served on a 6″ corn tortilla + cabbage slaw, with flour tortilla available by request.
Order 2 tacos and get one side for $3.
Add ons are half price on tacos.


Hand rolled in a warm 12″ flour tortilla. All burritos come packed with rice, refried beans, shredded cabbage slaw, sour cream & lime.
Make it a Burrito Bowl: For a gluten free option.
Make it with Dirty Rice: Our house rice soaked in smoky enchilada sauce and tossed with green onions & roasted red peppers · 2


Spicy Beef

+ Roasted tomato salsa, fajita veggies, burnt apple hot sauce, crispy yam strips.

taco: 7

burrito: 17

Chicken Tinga

+ Yam dip, garlic parsley cream, green onions.

taco: 6

burrito: 15 

Pasilla pork

+ Cucumber serrano salsa, pickled jalapeño, habanero and pineapple mayo.

taco: 6

burrito: 15

Wild cod
Crispy or seared

+ Apple pineapple slaw, lemon turmeric mayo, pickled red onion.



taco: 7

burrito: 17

Garlic shrimp
Crispy or seared

+ Roasted corn salsa, orange mayo, fresh cilantro.
taco: 7

burrito: 17

Crispy or fresh

+ Pico de gallo, red pepper mayo, crispy yam strips.
Ask for 

taco: 7

burrito: 16

Crispy or seared

+ Corn and bean salsa, chipotle mayo, toasted sunflower seeds.
Ask for 

taco: 6

burrito: 14

Glazed carrot
Crispy or seared

+ Beet hummus, cucumber mayo, toasted sunflower seeds.

Ask for 
taco: 6

burrito: 14


Sm 2/Lg 4

· Roasted tomato salsa
· Pico de gallo 
· Roasted corn salsa
· Corn and bean salsa
· Yam dip
· Cucumber serrano salsa
· Beet hummus


Sm 2/Lg 4

· Chipotle mayo
· Red pepper mayo
· Cucumber mayo
· Burnt apple hot sauce
· Habanero & pineapple mayo
· Roasted garlic parsley cream
· Orange mayo
· Lemon turmeric mayo



· Pasilla pork · 5
· Spicy beef · 6
· Chicken tinga · 5
· Wild cod · 6
· Garlic shrimp · 6
· Oaxaca cheese · 3
· Avocado · 6
· Yam · 5
· Glazed carrot · 5
· Fajita vegetables · 3
· Roasted peppers · 2
· Pickled jalapeños · 2
· Pickled red onion · 2


Add sides

· Dirty rice · 4
· Refried bean dip · 4
· Chips and salsa · 4
· Coleslaw · 4
· Summer salad · 4
Ask for 
Order 2 tacos
& get 1 side for $3


made fresh in house

Add to taco · 1.5
Add to burrito · 3
Small side · 3
Large guac served with chips and fresh pico de gallo · 6




The ultimate streetside dessert, these Mexican style donuts are made fresh to order and dusted with cinnamon and sugar · 5
Add cream cheese icing · 2


kids menu

a. kids mains

kids taco

6″ flour tortilla with Oaxaca cheese, sour cream and roasted tomato salsa · 4.5
Choice of chicken, pork or avocado.


kids quesadilla

6″ flour tortilla with melted Oaxaca cheese and roasted tomato salsa · 5
Choice of beans, chicken or pork.


kids burrito

8″ flour tortilla with beans, rice, Oaxaca cheese, sour cream and roasted tomato salsa · 5
Choice of chicken, pork or avocado.


kids burrito bowl

Refried beans, rice, Oaxaca cheese, sour cream and roasted tomato salsa · 5
Choice of chicken, pork or avocado.


kids nachos

Crispy tortilla chips covered in melted Oaxaca cheese.
Served with red salsa · 7 / Add chicken or pork · 3


b. kids drinks


Lime, mango, grapefruit or Mexican cola · 3.5



Orange or pineapple · 2.5




housemade; strawberry lime or regular lemonade


b. kids dessert

kids churros

 3 small pieces of churro donut, dusted with cinnamon and sugar.
Served with cream cheese icing for dipping · 4




Southside Margarita
2.5 Oz

Our signature smoky cocktail. Mezcal, triple sec, pineapple & lime, with half salt/cinnamon sugar rim · 13

Classic Margarita
2.5 Oz

El Jimador Reposado, triple sec and lime, with half salt rim · 11


Strawberry Lime Margarita
1.5 Oz

El Jimador Reposado, housemade strawberry lime syrup & lime sugar rim · 10


Peach Margarita
1.5 Oz

 El Jimador Resposado, tripple sec, housemade peach syrup and fuzzy peach rim · 11


Ginger Beer Margarita
1.5 Oz

El Jimador Reposado, housemade ginger beer & lime, with half salt rim · 10


Spicy Pineapple Cilantro Margarita
1.5 Oz

Espolón Reposado, jalapeños, cilantro & pinaple with half salt rim · 11

Tequila Sour
1.5 Oz

Espolón Reposado, lemon and aquafaba · 10

Mezcal Negroni
3 Oz

Equal parts Campari, vermouth and mezcal, served with an orange round · 12

Spiced Mule
1.5 Oz

Spiced rum, pineapple juice and housemade ginger beer · 9


Taco Club Caesar
1.5 Oz

El Jimador Reposado, clamato, tabasco, & worcestershire with corn chips, cilantro, jalapeño and pickled garnish · 9

Cadillac Margarita
2.5 Oz

Feeling top shelf? Casamigos Reposado, Grand Marnier and lime with half salt rim · 18


Club Shaft Shot
2.5 Oz

Get the party started. Espresso coffee, El Jimador Resposado, Patrón coffee liqueur, Baileys and Butter Ripple served over ice · 9.5 

Glass · 8 / Jug · 21

Red: Red wine, melon liqueur, amaretto, orange juice and soda
White: White wine, apricot brandy, triple sec, pineapple juice and soda

27 tequilas and mezcals on shelf.
Ask your server for a full menu | Ask about our tequila flights

Glass · 6.50 / ½ L · 16

House White

Chardonnay, Peller Estates, Okanagan BC


House Red

Cabernet Sauvignon, Peller Estates, Okanagan BC


6 draft Beers On Tap

Draft 20 Oz · 6.95 / JUG · 18

Rotating guest tap – Ask your server 

Mt Begbie Brewery

Nasty Habit IPA 6%
Revelstoke Lager 5%

Neighborhood Brewery

Way of Life Hazy IPA 6.9%
Sunshine City Passion Fruit Ale 5.3%

Fernie Brewery

First Trax Brown Ale 5%
Project 9 Pilsner 5%

Yellowdog Brewing Co

Squirrel Chase Hazy Pale Ale 5.2%

Bottled beer

Corona, Pacífico, Negra Modelo · 6



Soma Apple (dry), Lonetree GingerCider (spicy), Okanagan Harvest Pear (sweet) · 6




Sodas (peach or strawberry lime) · 4
Ginger beer · 5
Lemonade (strawberry lime or regular) · 5

Juice / Milk / Pepsi / 7up / Soda

Perrier Sparkling Water 750 ml

Non Alcoholic beer Becks bottle


Assorted flavors. Ask your server



Add 1 Oz of Kahlua or Baileys · 4




Iced Coffee



Earl Grey / Orange Pekoe / Chai / Chamomile / Mint

who we are


You can’t start much smaller than retrofitting an old Canada Post van in your parent’s driveway! Start small, source quality ingredients, find unique flavour profiles, and give back to the community that supports you. We have stayed true to these values since the beginning, and it has been a pleasure and privilege to watch our staff and business grow!

Life in the mountains brings the pleasure of recreation and the challenge of sustainable employment. The Taco Club has been our response, built on an ethos of fairness, sustainability, and respect.

We are a business that is highly conscious of our impact in all respects. We strive to ensure we provide a supportive and positive work environment, invest back into our community, minimize our environmental impact and support local producers and suppliers.


your event


We can help you turn any event into a fiesta!

WOW your guests with a streetfood style event, featuring our food truck, or host your private event at our downtown Revelstoke location.

We can’t wait to discuss how we can contribute to your unforgettable event!

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